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In this blog post I expand on the short interview clip I did on Facebook Live and on YouTube about great options for food swaps if you are gluten- or dairy-free or if you are interested in removing those items from your diet. So many people now have issues with these commonly consumed foods but luckily the market is answering with healthy alternatives that also taste great!


GT's, the maker of GT's Kombucha have made a line of dairy-free, no sugar-added, living coconut yogurts. They are literally just coconut milk, coconut water, probiotics, and a little stevia or real fruit or spices in the flavorered varieties. It is a tart, tangy yogurt which let's you know it's alive :) Flavors: raspberry, turmeric ginger, vanilla, and plain.


Cappello's cookie dough

Replace your traditional cookie dough that is full of wheat, dairy, and eggs for this equally delicious grain-free, dariy-free, and egg-free dough. If you ever thought your diet prevented you from having cookies because you have to avoid one or more of these foods, then you are in luck with Cappelo's.


Cappello's Pasta

Cappello's also offeres an amazing grain-free pasta made with almond flour and eggs. I'm amazed at how much this resembles traditional fresh, wheat pasta noodles. Find it in the freezer section of Whole Foods.


Siete Tortillas

Siete brand is one of my favorites! There products are all Paleo friendly and taste amazing. I have pictured here their almond flour tortillas but they also have cassava flour, cashew, and chickpea flour tortillas. Going gluten and grain-free couldn't be easier!


Malk almond milk

If you are like me and have a sensitive digestive system, you may not be able to tolerate the gums and thickeners that many nut milk products have in them. Boy was I happy to find this baby! Four simple ingredients...that's it!! Almonds, filtered water, vanilla, and pink salt. It is literally like you made it yourself, thick, creamy, and delicious.

Coconut milk can also be riddled with random ingredients that I prefer to stay away from but not this one! Thai Kitchen coconut milk is literally just coconuts and water and it's non-GMO!! I did a praise and a dance when I found this!!! Even the canned coconut milk has guar gum in it, which I would shy away from but now I can use this freely! I ordered this on Amazon and I had to wait because it was on backorder but I waited patiently and it was worth it!


Siete brand brings the goodness again with non-dairy CHEESE! Yay for cashews and their ability to transform into a queso dip that you would swear was made with real cheese!! Added bonus is there is no weird, hard to pronounce ingredients in here, just real-deal food!!! Don't forget to try this with their grain-free tortilla chips!!

Not pictured here because they were out at the store when I went to pick some up is, TreeLine Nut Cheese. Again, cashews make this soft, spreadable cheese creamy and delicious. Also, keep your eyes open for their new non-dairy aged, hard cheeses. I love this cheese line because it only has about 5 ingredients (depends on the flavor you choose which would be more), cashews, filtered water, sea salt, lemon juices, and a probiotic. No gums or thickeners, just keeping it real!!

Miyoko's has this non-dairy mozzarella that actually melts, most vegan cheeses do not do that! Plus, the ingredients are simple and real, and include cashews, btw. I'm telling eveyone that cashews are the new cauliflower, ha! Now, Miyoko's also has an amazing dariy-free butter as well, so keepy an eye out.


You can have pasta without the wheat, gluten, and grains! Plus, when it's made from just lentils you get a wallop of protein and fiber along with it that you wouldn't get from a traditional wheat pasta.


Simple Mills makes some great grain-free products! Not only do they make a line of crackers like these Garlic and Herb flavor but they also make muffin and bread mixes and premade cookies. Their products are made with nut and seed flours and cassava flour. Forget about them tasting like cardboard, they DON'T, I would prefer theses over regular crackers any day!


If you follow a Paleo diet you'll know soy and other legumes aren't consumed on the diet. Many people struggle digestively with beans and soy, plus, soy is actually a common food allergen/sensitivity for a lot of people. Not only that, most regular soy sauce is made with wheat and soy unless you specifically seek out a gluten-free version. So if you are keeping soy out of your diet here is a perfect alternative, Coconut Aminos by Coconut Secret which tastes pretty much identical to soy sauce.


When someone goes grain free but also has to avoid tree nuts it can be very challenging to find breads, cookies, pizza, and pancakes that can help you feel like you have a "normal" diet. Nurture me Nature has this mix along with a few others that are made with sunflower seed flour with options to make items dairy- and egg-free as well. A true dream for someone with multiple food intolerances.


Nothing beats cassava flour for grain-free baking. You can use it one-for-one with wheat flour without the nasty side-effects. It has a fine texture and neutral taste and works beautifully in pancakes, cakes, cookies, waffles, breading, and thicking sauces. I'm never without this product in my cabinet.


Snacks can be tricky for people sometimes. Ideally I suggest snacking on a few nuts and veggies or a little piece of fruit, maybe add some hummus or guacamole. Sometimes, you don't even need to snack but sometimes you WANT a snack and to keep it nutritious aim for things low in sugar, like these coconut chips that are just a coconut strips and a little sea salt. Crunchy and satisfying!

Another product I love is Epic Bar jerky snacks. Grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, wild game meats, gluten-free, paleo...all the good buz words!

That's a wrap, kids!! These are some of my ultimate favorite products right now. Happy snacking!

Paula Sturm, RDN, FMN,CFSP

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