7 Ways to Boost the FLOW System

Melissa displays a ton of emotion, to the point where almost any situation either evokes tears, hysterical laughing, or wanting to bite someone’s head off. She thrives on relationships, maybe too much. Creatively, she conjures up ideas for days! She loves to cook and enthusiastically cooks tasty items for her friends. A lot of her life revolves around food, she’s constantly thinking about it and sometimes she feels a bit guilty and shameful because she can’t control herself around it. Her favorite things to eat consist of foods high in animal fat, like meats, and cheeses, highly processed foods, and salty snacks like nuts. When she chooses vegetables they are mostly orange in color, in addition, she cannot be without something to drink. Melissa seeks help because she feels her hormones are “out of wack”, she has heavy menstrual bleeding, and would love to lose some weight.

Conversely, Becky, avoids fat like the plague and frequently forgets to drink water. Nuts and fish are her least favorite foods. Frequently, she will buy already prepared foods rather than make it from scratch. Becky, will admit to not being in touch with her emotions and thinking life can be pretty dull and boring. In addition, she doesn’t believe she is a creative person at all. Fear presents as her predominate emotion, fear of life, fear of intimacy, fear of commitment. Becky keeps her feelings and emotions in perfect check as to not make herself or anyone around her uncomfortable. She admits, she doesn’t keep many close friends and wonders if her lack of expression and fear of closeness could be the issue. Her eating habits are very regimented and rarely, if ever, eats for pleasure. To her, a person eats to live and does not live to eat. Becky seeks help because she has missed several periods in a row and is concerned of her lack of libido and lust for life.

See the connection between these two? You may notice they are both quite the opposite. Can you see the commonality of emotions, hormonal issues, fat and water, eating styles, and intimacy that play out in both of these individuals?

Both of these women have imbalances in their FLOW system.

FLOW is the next system up stream from the ROOT system that I outlined in my previous blog post. You may think the FLOW system only pertains to women due to the issues that are presented above, which seem to be very feminine. However, men have hormones, too. Men can be just as out of balance in this area as women and maybe even more so. Men aren’t brought up to be in tune with their emotions or their creative natures, this can lead to repression and suppression of these important human qualities. Which then may lead to sexual, prostate, bladder, hormone issues, and lack of connection with other individuals (most notably their significant other). In addition, the FLOW embodies water balance and fat storage within our bodies.

Some typical FLOW Imbalances:

  • Emotional imbalances, either way too emotional or displaying little to no emotions

  • Constantly verbalizing emotions to others and making it all about them

  • Covering up emotions

  • Very rigid, controlled life

  • Eats when overly emotional or when numb and bored

  • Either highly creative or feels like they are not at all creative

  • Overly enjoys cooking and baking or really would rather not cook or bake

  • Highly sensory or rather dull senses

  • “Drama Queen”

  • Floats from relationship to relationship

  • Finds it difficult to open up to new relationships

  • Over commits or has a fear of commitment

  • Loves parties and groups of people or avoids groups and prefers being alone

  • Overly playful or makes limited time for play and takes life very seriously

  • Persistent food cravings or typically only crave food when bored

  • Either afraid of eating fat or indulges in fats, especially animal fat

  • Maybe you are an all day snacker (especially on things like salted nuts) and drink tons of water

  • Or, instead you avoid nuts and forget to drink water

  • Do you have a tendency to retain water, are you prone to urinary infections, or are you prone to sweating and swelling?

  • Maybe you have reproductive issues such as cysts, fibroids, or endometriosis

  • Electrolyte imbalances could be an issue for you

  • Constipation

  • Dehydrated or dry skin

  • Infertility issues

The FLOW system connects us to our creativity, playfulness, and intimacy with another individual. How often do you connect with the child within to explore what he or she would like to do or how that small child within would handle a situation? Do you pursue any creative hobbies where you can get lost in the process without putting any restraint on what comes through you? It can be anything from painting, writing, cooking, building, knitting….almost anything can have a creative spin. Are you nurturing your most meaningful relationships, including the one with your significant other? Intimacy is a critical component of a healthy relationship. Allowing for vulnerability to take place in a relationship brings us closer and can be incredible for emotional healing.

Being receptive and open to our dynamic FLOW allows for so many creative opportunities to support our businesses, our work in the world, love toward others, and our compassion. I’m sure you can agree that the state of affairs in the US has us divided. It’s crippling our society and leaving so many uninspired and hopeless. This doesn’t have to be the case. It’s my opinion that we’ve become afraid of our creative expression for fear of judgement, that we might appear out of the ordinary. What would happen if we embraced everyone’s creative expression and appreciated the fact that they are free to be who they are and love them for that reason alone. This, now, gives you the freedom to express your creativity without judgement. How happy would you be you could express all that they are. Would this free us from the bottled up emotions that plaque us? Would we stop stuffing those emotions down until they erupt into a disaster? I don’t know. I ask you to see how this feels inside of you. How can you express your creativity, to love without bounds, to express that love without fear, in whatever way you chose. Ponder, please.

On another note, the color orange beautifully represents the FLOW. Orange embodies creativity, emotion, and reproduction and it can help us liberate blocks we have with any of these issues.

I will give you some science that supports the color orange and its association with all things FLOW. For instance, certain fish have been observed to display an orange colored belly when trying to attract a mate. Additionally, birds with the brightest plumage have been documented to have sperm that was better protected from oxidative stress. In mammals, the carotenoid beta-carotene (orange) is concentrated in the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum develops with each new menstrual cycle in females. Lastly, a 2014 study published in Feritily and Sterility suggest that when women increased their beta-carotene intake, their chances of becoming pregnant seemed to increase. Not to mention, there have also been studies done linking benefits of orange foods and urinary tract health in males.

Ok, so how do you support imbalances in your flow?

7 Ways to Balance the FLOW


  • Be creative with your food choices. Experiment with new foods and different cooking methods or seasonings. Serve food in new ways. Consider plating as an artistic expression.

  • Learn basic cooking techniques

  • Play with your food. Get your hands in your food when cooking and eating. Try making lettuce wraps where you use your hands to assemble and eat. Again plate items in a unique way

  • Notice if you are physically hungry or emotionally “hungry”. Only eat when you are physically hungry. Explore how you can feed your emotions in a creative way outside of food

  • Ensure proper fluid (water) intake.

  • Balance fats from animal and vegetable sources

  • Include orange colored foods in your daily diet. Carotenoid rich foods such as: sweet potatoes, papaya, carrots, oranges, apricots, squashes, persimmons, kumquats, orange peppers, peaches, and mangos.

  • Consider supplements with a practitioner for essential fatty acids (omega 3s), probiotics, fiber, or hormone health

  • Watch impulsive food choices

  • Consider eating unsalted nuts if salted nuts are an issue for you

  • Find pleasure in food if you don’t already


  • Evaluate relationships in your life and see that they are equally supportive in the best way possible

  • “Go with the FLOW”

  • Find healthy ways to express your emotions

  • Track emotions in a log

  • Identify emotional food triggers and work to resolve them and channel them in other creative ways


  • Ask yourself if there are persistent thoughts that prevent you from being in your flow

  • Nurture your ideas and see them through

  • If you harbor guilt around eating, journal about it and contemplate creative ways to reduce this guilt. Find a qualified practitioner to help with this process if needed

  • Find ways to manifest your creative thoughts into actions and “things”

  • Evaluate thoughts that prevent you from being in “your flow”

  • Consider past events that prevented you from expressing your thoughts and emotions

  • What prevents you from connecting to your inner feminine, your sexuality?


  • Find exercises that involve the lower belly and hips. In all movements maintain an awareness of your body and it’s sensations

  • Go with the flow in life in regards to your daily routine and activities involving eating


  • My emotions flow freely and easily through me

  • I release and let go of attachment to people, places, things

  • I am in flow with my feminine nature

  • I am in harmony

  • My femininity is balanced and nurtured

  • I nurture myself and others

  • I freely allow my creative nature to flow


  • Refer to the Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing by Deanna Minich, PhD, “Left Side of Body Complaints”

  • Wear the color orange or place orange items in your surroundings

  • Journal about your experiences with your relationship with your senses: taste, touch, feeling, sight, and smell.

  • Start with one of your visualizations, follow through on this idea


  • Healer mediation in The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing by Deanna Minich, PhD

  • Food metaphor mediation in The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing by Deanna Minich, PhD


Whole Detox: A 21-Day Personalized Program to Break Through Barriers in Every Area of Your Life, Dr. Deanna Minich

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