Color Makes You Healthy

Most people look at me sideways when I swoon over color and how good it is for you. Yes, color is GOOD for you! Color has an affect on our physiology both in our food and in our environment.

The next several blog posts are going to highlight the why and how 7 different colors impact our biology in some pretty cool ways.

First, let me give you a bit of background on being a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner. Food and Spirit blends psychology, eating, and lifestyle into a framework to support health on so many levels. Seven systems of the body are focused on to bring dynamic balance in all area of a person’s life. As you can imagine this in a grossly abbreviated definition of this way of looking at health. Food and Spirit is rich in content and by the end of this series I hope you get a better understanding of its complexity.

I like using the term “dynamic balance” instead of just “balance” because when you think of something being in balance you see it in a perfectly straight line all of the time, with no movement. Life doesn’t work like that, it shouldn’t work like that. We ebb and we flow, just like the ocean, and being that our bodies are made primarily of water this makes more sense to me. We just need to make sure we aren’t always in high tide or low tide, we need that “flow”. That’s the trick, really. Finding how to support someone to allow for natural highs and lows that are well tolerated and don’t lead to disruption within the inner and outer world of a person.

This is where Food and Spirit fits so beautifully!

Food and Spirit evaluates your anatomy, physiology, core issues, lifestyle balances/imbalances, and food to find a personalized plan that you can use to bring dynamic balance back into your life. The process is quite fascinating, I must say.

The whole Food and Spirit system is incredibly colorful, and color is where we focus and how we work within in the systems of the body.

My mentor, Deanna Minich, PhD and founder of Food and Spirit says, “I believe we need to eat the frequencies of color to resonate optimally, in body, mind, and spirit, for vitality and wellness.” It seems a bit impossible that something so simple as color could lead to so many incredible improvements in your health, right? Well, I’m hoping I can convince you otherwise.

Since I am a dietitian I naturally gravitate toward food, so my colorful posts will be primarily food focused but I will also be highlighting how alterations in lifestyle can impact the different systems. When we make small changes in our food and in how we live our lives we can make radical changes in our health overall.

Given that I don’t want to make this a mile long post I will save the first system, the ROOT, for my next post. However, I do want to give you a bit of information on phytonutrients. Whether you know what phytonutrients are or not, I will be talking about them heavily in the coming weeks.

Phytonutrients, or you many have also heard the term phytochemicals, are beneficial compounds produced by plants. They give plants added health benefits outside of their vitamin and mineral content. Not only that, they are also responsible for the plant’s color, flavor, and smell. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains all have these potent compounds and there are literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of these compounds. Many we know of and many we are still discovering. Some phytonutrients you may know of are: carotenoids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, resveratrol, polyphenols and isoflavones. They are potent in their tiny dose and they should not be disregarded. They are the reason you cannot forgo eating fruits and vegetables and decide you will get your nutrients from a multivitamin. Multivitamins can in no way provide the wide range of beneficial phytonutrients plants can give you in your diet. I am not in anyway saying you shouldn’t take a mutlivitamin but they do not replace plants in your diet. Plants are critical whether you are a vegan or an omnivore, they are our unifying dietary staple.

And with that, I’m looking forward to giving you new meaning to color!!

In vibrant health,


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