Why I am I here?

The universal question, right?!

Why AM I here, why are YOU here? Why am I doing this blog? Why am I on this planet? Why are you reading this? And why will you come back to read what I have to say again?


Actually, this is my favorite question. Why? It helps me understand and I LOVE to understand everything. I have an insatiable need to understand things. Why is this or that happening? Why am I behaving this way? Why is someone reacting that way? Why does this or that affect someone in a certain way but not in the same way in someone else?

I’ve come to realize that this curiosity has come in handy in the nature of nutrition and health. I won’t stop until I get an answer to satisfy my NEED to know why. Whether it be why someone is feeling the way they do or why food tastes the way it does and why do I like it and you don’t?

In order to get to know a little about me and my professional background please refer to my website www.radicallynourished.com. This blog will serve to express my thoughts and give education around health and nutrition. Be it food facts, a recipe or two, relationships to food, or just to express a radical opinion about nutrition, I am using this platform to communicate with you about the importance food has in our lives. Seriously, I believe food is one of the most important aspect in our lives. It can be what determines if you are healthy or not! Plain and simple, “you are what you eat”. Are you eating nourishing foods the majority of the time, foods that work for your particular physiology? Or, are you eating processed foods with little color and little nutritional value? Now, go inward? How do you feel? Honestly, do you feel vibrant and energetic or do you feel sluggish and heavy and would rather take a nap? Your body is telling you something. What you are nourishing your body with is either working for you or it isn’t.

The trick is, there is NO perfect diet for everyone. We are all individual, we all need something different to maximize our own vitality. Broccoli could be amazingly healing for one person and make another person feel beyond horrible. Therein lies the beauty and the curiosity of nutrition. Hence why it has been an ever fascination with me. Finding those keys that work for you, that make you feel amazing is what energizes me. It’s like a satisfyingly difficult jigsaw puzzle, no one and no puzzle is the same but when you find a piece that fits it always fills that “aha” spot which is always satisfying.

I am writing for you, the one who doesn’t know what to believe in regards to nutrition anymore; the one who can’t figure out why they don’t feel good even though everyone else says they are “fine”; the one who is looking to feel comfortable with food again, to enjoy food and find the intrigue in it; and those of you who want solid scientific information with a side of humor and “not-taking-yourself-too-seriously”. Let’s be honest, health is serious, food is serious (sometimes), nutrition is serious. I am all about taking things seriously but not so much that it overtakes my personality and takes away the fun. Because healthy food wouldn’t be so bright and colorful if we weren’t supposed to have fun preparing it and eating it. Am I right? I want those interesting healthy aspects of food to be fun to learn and even more delicious to eat.

Please join in the conversation by commenting, sharing, and liking my posts. If you would like to explore more in depth to your personal situation please call me at 858-333-4096 or email me at paula@radicallynourished.com to set up a free 15 exploratory call or to set up an in-person or virtual consultation with me.

In vibrant health,


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