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Regardless of your needs, simple or complex, my first appointment runs 90-120 minutes where we get to know each other and go through your intake form, paperwork, and other info you care to bring. This is how I establish a good understanding of your issue(s) and develop a plan to move forward. In this session it allows me to listen to your story, ask questions, and for us to

establish a trusting relationship. I find this time spent getting to know you enhances your wellness and allows me to understand how to personalize your plan. For your convenience I am available for appointments in-person or via Skype.

If you would like even more personal service, I am available for individual grocery store tours, in-home pantry makeovers, and cooking lessons.

I offer a free 15 minute in-person or phone consultation, to meet me and see if my services match your needs.

Please call to set up an appointment. I would love to get to know you!


Are you searching for answers to your underlying health issues along with someone to support you along the path to ultimate wellness? Someone to hold your hand, give you the tools, listen to your story, and personalize a plan just for you?


Then you are in the right place. When looking for answers to health struggles you want someone that can be there and give you support while you make adjustments to your daily life. I meet you where you are at and include you and your lifestyle as you work toward your path to health. There is no one diet for everyone. I customize everything to you and your needs so you get the best results possible to get you back to feeling happy, healthy, and vibrant. 


Optimal You


Do you want to feel better in your own skin? If you’ve been struggling to shed a few pounds and want to learn how to make lasting eating habit changes, then this program is for you. Weight loss is a side effect of being healthy, so not only will we focus on losing weight we will make sure your body reaches optimal health; physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

This 12 week package includes:

  • Two hour Initial Consultation

  • Five - One hour weekly follow-up visits

  • Three - One hour bi-weekly visits

  • Between visits message communication and accountability 

  • Plus your choice of a personalized grocery store tour or personalized home pantry makeover


After finishing this program you may radiate confidence, fit into those skinny jeans, and have more energy than you ever could have imagined. 

Unravel the Mystery

This package is for you if you have been looking for answers to why you feel like you’ve lost your energy, focus, and some nagging health issues have surfaced. Maybe you are suffering from digestive issues and/or hormonal imbalances. Perhaps you’ve even sought out advice from your doctor but they say you’re fine, however, you don’t feel fine. You’ve tried things looking for that magic bullet but you are left eluded and wondering if it’s “just something you have to put up with”. 


Your body is trying to speak to you but sometimes it takes some investigation to get to the root cause to why you are feeling the way you are. 

This 8 week package includes:

  • Two hour Initial Consultation

  • Two - One hour follow-up visits

  • Two - 30 minute follow-up visits

  • Between visits message communication

  • Plus your choice of a personalized grocery store tour or personalized home pantry makeover


Warning: at the end of this journey you may end up feeling better than you ever have in your life! 

Short, Sweet, and Simple 

This package is great for you if you’re the gal who has already been down the road to finding optimal health but you still feel a bit stumped as to why you aren’t feeling your absolute best. Maybe you know a lot about nutrition and wellness and are great at holding yourself accountable but you need a professional eye to send you in the right direction.


In this laser focused package you will get:

  • Two hour Initial Consultation

  • One - One hour follow-up visit 

  • Between visits message communication


You’ll gain enough insight into your health where you will be able to take the information and run with it! 

NOTE: If tests are recommended, testing cost is not included in the package price. As well,  costs of supplements are separate if they are recommended.


Personalized grocery store tour

You stand in the isles of the grocery store and wonder what is healthy. There are foods you would love to incorporate into your meals but you have no idea how to. This leaves you exiting the grocery store with the same items you bought last week and you’re starting to feel bored and uninspired with meal cooking. 


I can give you tips and tricks to find new foods and how to incorporate them into your meal rotation regularly. Plus, you’ll feel like you have more variety making meal times more exciting and healthy. I can show you how to cook those healthy foods and how to make them taste good without feeling deprived.


Personalized Pantry Makeover

Maybe you stand in your pantry knowing you have many items in there you shouldn’t have and you wish could keep more healthy foods instead. You wish someone could help hold you accountable, to support you while you make those tough choices to finally throw away the chips and cookies and replace them with more nourishing options.


I am going to support you to build the ultimate pantry and guess what, it doesn’t have to be boring. I’m going to show you how to eat delicious, nutritious foods that make you feel better than those boxes of cookies you have hiding on the top shelf.

Personalized cooking classes
    If you’re struggling to put dinner of the table, never learned how to cook, or want to learn how to include new foods and spices in your diet, then this is a great opportunity to get a personal lesson in your own kitchen. I can guide you on what equipment and tools you need, how to properly stock your spice cabinet, and give you a few knife skills. This is your opportunity to gain the kitchen skills you need. The session is completely customizable to you and what you want to learn.


Small group cooking classes

Do you want a new way to spend girl’s night or want to include some fun, food, and nutrition into a unique evening with some friends? I can customize an entertaining evening where you mingle and learn some new kitchen skills and food tips. Here are some examples of possible themes for the evening:

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • What’s in season

  • Detox

  • Gluten-free meals

  • Soups and bone broth

  • Easy sheet pan meals

  • Fish and seafood

  • Getting more vegetables

  • Smoothies

  • Snacks and treats

  • Salads

  • Italian, Greek, Spanish, etc cuisine

  • How to incorporate fresh herbs in your meals

  • How to include more spices in your meals

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