Need a tasty way to balance your blood sugar? Here's your gluten-free and dairy-free plan. All meals and snacks are low glycemic as to avoid blood sugar spikes which is not only important for people with blood sugar issues but also important for keeping your other hormones in check. If your blood sugar is off or you frequently experience cravings, headaches, or afternoon energy crashes, this is a great plan for you.


You'll enjoy dishes like carrot cake chai pudding, avocado sweet potato "toast", halibut and dill pesto, sweet potato and brussel sprout salad, salmon and green beans, and spaghetti squash and meatballs. Along with hunger busting snacks like pistachios and sunflower butter and celery. 


You'll also receive a meal prep guide to help you take the load off during the week as well as a shopping guide all ready to take to the store. It couldn't get much easier to eat healthy!

7-Day Low Glycemic Meal Plan with Meal Prep Guide