Did Spring Break through you off your diet and healthy eating plan? Not to fear, I have your solution. This 6-day quick reset detox will have you up and running like you never missed a beat. Living healthy is about picking yourself up and resuming where you left off. You'll recieve a meal prep guide that will get you set up for the week and reduce the time you have to spend in the kitchen. You'll also get a grocery store list so you're all set to head to the store. Not to mention the recipes and the daily plan all laid out for you so you know what you'll be eating for all meals and snacks. Now you can concentrate on that inbox that's been waiting all week!


You'll enjoy tasty gluten-free meals and snacks like, a Mexican black bean omelette, triple berry protien bowl, cleaned up chicken salad, creamy cauliflower soup, bruschetta flatbread, quinoa kale fritters, and even a chocolate, banana ice cream (who said you couldn't sill feel like you were on Spring Break?)

6-Day Spring Break Detox with Prep Guide

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