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Are you searching for answers to your underlying health issues? Do you desire someone to support you along the path to ultimate wellness? Someone to hold your hand, give you the tools, listen to your story, and personalize a plan just for you?


Then you are in the right place! When looking for answers to health struggles you want someone that can be there and give you support while you make adjustments to your daily life. I meet you where you are at and include you and your lifestyle as you work toward your path to health. There is no one diet for everyone. I customize everything to you and your needs so you get the best results possible and get you back to feeling happy, healthy, and vibrant! 

To determine if you are a perfect fit for my services I offer a free discovery call. Here we will discuss your symptoms and goals. I'll determine the best course of action and assess your commitment and dedication, to see if you are ready to take the leap to optimal health. 

Healing takes 100% commitment on your part to do the necessary work. I'm your guide but I can't do your work. I supply the tools and knowledge and your job to take that and run with it. I'll be your biggest supporter and I'll give you my 100% to help you. 


Anything worth having doesn't come easy, this is what makes you appreciate what you have and what makes you feel proud. I only work with people who are willing to follow instructions, willing to do the work, willing to communicate, and strive to do their best. This work requires an intimate connection with a lot of feedback. The individuals who food journal daily, respond to feedback quickly, are open and honest with communication, and keep me updated with questions and changes are the ones who succeed! Either you're all in or you're all out. 

Determine if you are ready to make that commitment to yourself! Determine if you are worth that kind of commitment. Of course you are!! But you must believe it. IF you DO believe it NOW, then we are perfect fit. I will always believe in you and I'll always strive to give you all I have, I just can't want it more than you do. If you WANT it, click one of the APPLY NOW buttons or click to send me a message here.

What sets me and my practice apart from other dietitians and nutritionists? 

  • I practice Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy. That means, I'm looking for root causes to your symptoms, where they started, what set them off in the first place, and what are the holistic methods that are going to address them NOT just cover them up. 

  • I'm a small volume practice. Which means, I only select a limited number of ideal clients to work with so I am able to give each one of you the attention you deserve. I'm here for you and your care so you get the results you are looking for and the care and attention you need.

  • I'm not a one-size-fits-all practice. I take in to account all aspects of your life and your health situation to make sure your protocols are suitable for you.

  • I realize health is more than what is presenting physically. Emotions, stress, mindset, thoughts, energy all play apart in how your body heals. I'm certified and credentialed to coach you all these areas. I recognize the nuances that are presenting and intuitively know what needs tweaking and adjusting to give your the edge toward wellness.

  • I consider all my clients close friends, I want you to feel safe, heard, cared for, and that I'm on your side through this...because I am!

  • I have an uncanny knack for uncovering the missing links, delving into root causes, seeing what most miss, and never giving up until you feel your best!

Monthly Membership Options


VIP Individual Coaching

Are you looking for a dietitian to keep in your pocket? Do you need more guidance and education to help reach your goals? This 1:1 monthly membership goes deep into your personal history to ultimately guide you through a true transformation. 

If you have an autoimmune condition, IBS, IBD, hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, PCOS, infertility, peri-menopause, menopause, food sensitivity, mold or histamine issue this is your option. Here I can dive deep into your current lab work, recommend and order other necessary labs to evaluate your correct path towards wellness. 

  • Weekly custom meals plans, guides, recipes, grocery lists to support ​your individualized needs. Whether is a diet for IBS, Low FODMAPS, PCOS, or inflammation, I have you covered.

  • Detailed Functional Medical assessment and evaluation through initial intake forms and symptom surveys

  • Learn what and why will work for your body and condition 

  • Lifestyle strategy and stress management technique recommendations

  • Lab work evaluation to decipher what's going on "under the hood" with detailed protocols 

  • Detailed professional supplement recommendations to meet your exact needs with a bonus discount from retail price (supplement regimens are updated frequently)

  • 75 min virtual visit or phone call to establish initial plan

  • Meal timing recommendations 

  • Macro targets if needed

  • Daily food journal review and evaluation through my portal (Note: this is an important aspect of care and goal progression. It's my experience, those who food journal are FAR more successful)

  • Portal access to send messages for support between visits

  • 1 Zoom or phone call per week for 30 mins. This is where we can trouble-shoot, do mindset work, or learn something new. Visits must be the same day of the week at the same time for the whole month, established at the beginning of the month.

Contact me if you are interested in learning more. I offer free discovery calls to see what will fit you best.

Express VIP (email only) 

You "sorta" know what to do, you have the background BUT you don't have the accountability and you want someone to "do the work" for you (you and I know, you still have to do the work...but someone to take the heavy lifting off, sounds delightful). You want someone to be there to confirm your hunches and help keep you moving on your path.  


  • Detailed Functional Medical review and evaluation of initial intake forms and symptom surveys

  • Weekly custom meal plans, guides, recipes, grocery lists based on established needs

  • Macro targets if necessary

  • Meal timing recommendations

  • Lifestyle strategy and stress management recommendations

  • Detailed protocols for Professional-grade supplement recommendations to meet your unique needs. Accessed at a discount below retail price.

  • Weekly check-ins via email to keep on target, progressing, and answer questions

  • Food journal review and feedback via my portal

  • NOTE: communication is an important part of care and your progress. Missing out on food journaling or weekly email communication can set your goals back. 

Contact me if you are interested in learning more. I offer free discovery calls to see what will fit you best.

Post Session Maintenance (only available to current clients)

The perfect accountability option to maintain your progress! We’ll keep you on track to maintain what you've worked so hard to gain or we'll keep working toward that goal. You’ll gain independence and responsibility for your health with me by your side as a support system so you won’t feel alone on your journey. This is a great option if you tend to “fall off the wagon”, especially after you achieve a goal. Knowing each month you have someone to check-in with keeps you on track to meet your goals. 

These packages include:    

  • Weekly or bi-weekly meal plans or recipes 

  • Bi-weekly 20 min check in calls to adjust any set backs or keep you rolling on. We'll also address any new things arise. As we know, life changes, our body changes, and sometimes we have to clean things up from time to time

  • Food journal review and accountability

  • Supplement review and updates as new things arise or change, always stay on top of your situation accordingly

  • Test options available for retest or to look at new things. Maybe you want to review your Genomics? I can order and review to make appropriate suggestions

Hormone Optimization Package

You'll know you need this package if you feel exhausted all the time, have issues sleeping, you're struggling to lose weight, your brain isn't working like it used to, you have irregular periods, acne, known thyroid issues, heavy periods, intense PMS, approaching menopause, experience night sweets, your doctor wants to put you on birth control to "control" your symptoms, you have fertility issues....just to name a few :)

Let's spend 3 months together while we unravel the tangled web your imbalanced hormones have created. We'll get you well on your way to addressing the root cause of your hormone imbalances.


  • 3-month coaching package (75-minute initial visit + 5 follow-ups)

  • Functional medical assessment and review of symptoms and history

  • Full supplement recommendations based on your needs and test results, with a discount off retail prices. (supplement protocols are adjusted frequently)

  • BiomeFX Stool test - because the majority of your hormones are made in your gut and if your gut isn't on point, then your hormones never with be

  • DUTCH hormone + adrenal health - key to understanding the relationship your hormones are having to your symptoms

  • Vibrant America blood work - I assess your full thyroid panel (most doctors only test TSH, you have 7 other important thyroid labs to evaluate + we'll look at FSH, LH, SHBG, Prolactin, Pregnenolone, Leptin, and Parathyroid hormone.

  • Evaluation of testing to develop a plan based on your individual results

  • Weekly meal plans made just for YOU

  • Guidance on what diet/foods will work best for you based on your symptoms and phase of recovery

  • Between visit messaging access to me for quick questions that pop up

  • Daily food and lifestyle journal review and evaluation in my practice portal for accountability as well as to make quick comments and adjustments in real time

* Add-on a Vibrant America Micronutrient Test to take you assessment to another level. You'll understand if you are deficient in a variety of nutrients on a cellular level. Are those nutrients getting where they are needed?

Beat the Bloat Gut Re-Boot Package

Finally get to the bottom of your GI woes for good! No one understands the distress of GI issues better than I do! I've been there and my goal is to help you through it as quickly and efficiently as possible. This package is the best way to go about it. 

If you suffer from constipation, bloating, gas, heartburn, food sensitivities, gastritis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, or if you suspect you have leaky gut, SIBO, LIBO, SIFO, candida, parasites, or other dysbiosis this is going to get to the bottom of what it is!

It's interesting how prevalent SIBO is right now! Common conditions associated with SIBO are:

  • IBS

  • IBD

  • Celiac disease

  • Diabetes

  • Fibromialgia

  • Rosacea

  • Obesity

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Interstitiel cystitis 


  • 3-month coaching package (75-min initial visit + 5 follow-ups)

  • Functional medical assessment and review of symptoms and history

  • Full supplement recommendations based on your needs and test results, with a discount off retail prices. (supplement protocols are adjusted frequently)

  • Genova GI Effects Comprehensive GI health assessment plus parasitology 

  • Aerodiagnostics SIBO Breath Test for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

  • Major food Sensitivity  and Intestinal Permeability via Vibrant America Zoomer testing (Wheat Zoomer plus 3 more Zoomer tests) - Wheat Zoomer evaluates celiac, LPS anti-bodies, and Total IgA

  • Vibrant America IBSsure antibody test 

  • Comprehensive evaluation of testing to develop a plan based on your individual results

  • Weekly meal plans made just for YOU

  • Guidance on what diet is appropriate for what stage of recovery you are in (SIBO phase diet, FODMAPs, elimination, reintroduction, etc)

  • Between visit messaging access to me for quick questions that pop up

  • Daily food and lifestyle journal review and evaluation in my practice portal for accountability as well as to make quick comments and adjustments in real time

*Add-on Vibrant America Food Additive sensitivity test

Toxic Burden Package

True, we are all exposed to toxins and likely we all suffer from some level of toxic burden. However, if you are suffering from some unexplainable symptoms that don't seem to relate to each other and your doctor says you're "totally fine" or you're starting feel like this is all in your head because nobody will listen to you then you may want to suspect some elevated level of toxic exposure.

Toxins of concern would be:

  • Heavy metals (a large range)

  • Mold/Mycotoxins/Fungus

  • Pesticides

  • Herbicides

  • Plastics/Plasticizers (many)

  • Flame Retardants

  • VOCs

  • BPA

  • Tricolsan

People who need to explore whether toxins are getting the best of them or who experience these symptoms (usually you have or feel a wide range of these and they all seem unrelated):

  • Mood swings/Anxiety/Depression/Irritability

  • GI issues

  • Fatigue/weakness

  • Sleep issues

  • Neurological symptoms

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Poor memory/difficulty concentrating

  • Anemia (other nutrient insufficiencies that are hard to resolve)

  • Skin issues (dermatitis, acne, rashes, itching, psoriasis, eczema, hyperpigmentation)

  • Headaches

  • Blood sugar issues

  • Immune system issues

  • Endocrine disruptions (hormone issues)

  • Respiratory issues (sinus infections, lung issues, unresolved issues)

  • Cardiovascular issues

  • Kidney issues

  • Infertility

  • Extreme sensitivity to smells, sounds, light, food

  • Hair loss

  • Static shock frequently

  • Irregular heartbeats

  • Balance issues

  • Eye irritations/vision changes

  • Tingling/numbness


  • 3-month coaching package (75-min initial visit + 5 follow-ups)

  • Functional medical assessment and review of symptoms and history

  • Full supplement recommendations based on your needs and test results, with a discount off retail prices. (supplement protocols are adjusted frequently).

    • Supplements recommendations will focus on detoxification or elimination of the offending targets as well as repeating deficient nutrients. 

  • Vibrant America Environmental Toxin panel

  • Vibrant America Heavy Metal panel

  • Vibrant America Mycotoxin panel

  • Vibrant America Fungal Antibody test

  • Vibrant America Organic Acids test

  • Evaluation of testing to develop a plan based on your individual results

  • Weekly meal plans made just for YOU

  • Guidance on the appropriate diet based on needs (mold diet, detox or elimination diet, etc)

  • Between visit messaging access to me for quick questions that pop up

  • Daily food and lifestyle journal review and evaluation in my practice portal for accountability as well as to make quick comments and adjustments in real time

Food and Spirit Package

Discover your relationship with the 7 aspects of health. You’ll not only explore the delights of food but we’ll dive deep into what, when, why, and how you eat and relate to food. And that’s not all, we’ll work on balancing aspects that may be out of balance in your life at that moment by exploring emotions, sleep, lifestyle activities, moods, and more. You’ll be amazed at what we will uncover during this colorful and dynamic 9 week program. If you are open for a radical approach to wellness, you’ll devour each session and be excited for the next.

This 9 week package includes:    

  • 75-min Initial Consultation

  • 8 - One hour weekly sessions

  • Between visit food/lifestyle journal accountability with feed back from me

  • Recipes and yoga poses to support each of the 7 systems

  • Professional-quality supplement recommendations based on your personal needs. You'll receive a discount off retail prices through my online portal.

  • Revelations on which systems are over or under active or in perfect balance

  • Mindset, Affirmations, and Thought exercises to support your unique aspects

  • Uncover deep seeded patterns that are keeping you stuck in a habit or health condition

  • Become more in tune with your body, mind, emotions, and thoughts. Have those AH-A moments and piece together the missing links you've been struggling to string together

  • A true enlightening experience on so many levels

Genomic Profile Package


This package is great for you if you want to empower yourself to take your health up to the next level. Choose from an Ultimate Wellness panel or Nutrigenomixs Panel, guided by your current health needs, I'll recommend the option suited best for you. Genomic testing is beneficial for everyone and allows you to be proactive about your health by giving you the tools you need to work with your genes to maximize your health. Genomics gives you insight into your future so you can head off potential disease or conditions that may lay ahead in your genetic future. 

A genomics package is excellent for going deeper into:

  • What foods work best for your DNA

  • How your body detoxes

  • What types of injuries are you prone to

  • What types of exercise and how much does your body need

  • What nutrients do you have a tendency to be low in

  • Insomnia

  • Migraines

  • Gut Issues

  • Thyroid issues

  • Cardiovascular issues

  • Neurological issues

  • Autoimmune issues


In this package you will get:

  • 75 minute Initial Consultation

  • One - One hour follow-up visit 

  • One genomic test from either Nutrigenomix or Genomic Medicine Works

  • My interpretation and evaluation of your results layered on top of your personal history, goals, and symptoms to make the best possible recommendations to support your health.

  • Professional-quality supplement recommendations that match your personal needs. You'll receive a discount off retail price through my online portal.

You’ll gain incredible insight into your health and you’ll leave with the ultimate personalized plan based on your DNA. 

Individual Initial Session

In a 75-min Zoom or phone session we will assess your current situation with a review of a full intake form and symptom survey to develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan to support your needs. Personalized professional quality supplement recommendations are made just for you based on your goals. You'll gain an additional benefit of receiving supplements at a discount off retail price through my online portal.  

*Add-on a 7-day meal plan based on your needs.

A Trio of Sessions

To get the most out your experience, the minimum amount of sessions I recommend is three. This helps us get to the root cause and start addressing it. Combine with a test or two and you'll take a huge leap forward in your progress toward feeling better. If you purchase a package of three right way, I offer a 10% discount. This package includes and initial 75-min visit and two one-hour follow up visits.

*Add-on testing and/or a 7-day Meal Plan.

Follow-Up Consultations

Finished a monthly membership or package but need a little tune up? No worries, I won't leave you hanging! Let's meet to discuss what's come up, where you're at now, go over new lab work, order new labs or retest existing labs and come up with an adjusted plan of action. We can also assess a new symptom survey to look for impairments or changes and adjust supplement protocols as necessary. Send me a message here or reach out in your patient portal.

NLP Breakthrough Session with a Master Trained NLP Practitioner

The ULTIMATE mindset shifting tool available! Intense and comprehensive. If you want a RADICAL shift in your life to support your health, career, habits, fitness, or success this will get you results.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programing, the plethora of techniques available with in NLP allow for massive re-programming of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is running your life everyday all day. Even though we think we are making conscious choices, we really aren't. We make decisions and play out habits based on everything our subconscious mind has filtered and remembered every moment of our lives. Often times, those choices and habits don't serve us but it's what our subconscious knows and remembers because at one time that choice or habit DID serve you. 

This is what keeps us stuck and prevents us from making changes. 

Come experience a 6-8 hour reshuffling, resetting, remodeling of your subconscious mind so it SERVES you NOW instead of keeping playing the same record that keeps you in the same patterns. 

We'll use Anchoring technique, TIME Line Techniques, set goals and place them in your time line, hypnosis, etc. You'll have a ton of Ah-Ha! moments and understand what is holding you back and why. Inquire to learn more!

Personalized Virtual Cooking Classes


If you’re struggling to put dinner of the table, never learned how to cook, or want to learn how to include new foods and spices in your diet, then this is a great opportunity to get a personal lesson in your own kitchen. I can guide you on what equipment and tools you need, how to properly stock your spice cabinet, and give you a few knife skills. This is your opportunity to gain the kitchen skills you need. The session is completely customizable to you and what you want to learn.

Involve your kids here, too! We can make it a whole family session and get everyone involved. Let's make a meal or a yummy healthy dessert. It's known that getting kids in the kitchen helps them eat a healthier diet overall and supports them throughout their life with skills that many young adults are lacking now. 

Small Group Virtual Cooking Classes

Do you want a new way to spend girl’s night or want to include some fun, food, and nutrition into a unique evening with some friends? I can customize an entertaining evening where you mingle and learn some new kitchen skills and food tips. Here are some examples of possible themes for the evening:

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • What’s in season

  • Detox

  • Gluten-free meals

  • Soups and bone broth

  • Easy sheet pan meals

  • Fish and seafood

  • Getting more vegetables

  • Smoothies

  • Snacks and treats

  • Salads

  • Italian, Greek, Spanish, etc cuisine

  • How to incorporate fresh herbs in your meals

  • How to include more spices in your meals

NOTE: Supplement costs are a separate charge and not included in package prices. Testing add-ons that aren't included in packages are an additional cost.