My Philosophy

I eat, live, and devour food and not just literally. Sure, I rarely miss a meal, I love grocery shopping and planning meals. Cooking is a meditative experience for me, but it doesn’t stop there. My passion for food and nutrition has covered my bookshelves on the subject. I crave any knowledge I can get my hands on that will help me understand the biochemistry of food and how it interplays with our physiology. How to make that nutritious food equally pleasing to the taste buds and the eyes is my forte. Let’s face it, I’m downright nerdy when it comes to food, nutrition, and cooking. The more I learn the more

I WANT to learn. It amazes me how many areas of life in which food plays such an important role. It is not just sustaining life. It plays into our lives creatively, emotionally, and to me the most fascinating aspect of all is that it is a powerful

supportive healing tool. What magic! Even better is that these nourishing morsels can look and taste amazing.

Food is beauty. Food is symbolic. Food is delicious. Food is meant to be enjoyed!

With my intense passion for food I am equally passionate about the relationships I form with my clients. I thrive on understanding, listening, empathizing, and genuinely creating connections with the people that cross my path. Pursuing

a path of healing doesn’t always work best with a large number of lab parameters and a list of protocols to follow.

Largely, supporting someone’s health happens when a clinician takes the time to listen, understand, and delve into their story.

The number one priority in this process is you! You are a unique individual with a unique story, and you have a unique way of healing. I want to help you unravel that story, and with your participation we can set you on a path to optimum health.

Ultimately, my dream is that everyone can appreciate and enjoy amazing food that heals!