Here is an essential oil brand that caught my very particular attention! Let me tell you why:


For one, it's founded by a pharmacologist! Dr. Nick decided to take his traditional pharmacy degree in a holistic direction, similar to what I chose to do with my career. So, not only does he have a distinct knowledge of the human body and it's biological pathways he has a deep connection to spirituality, health, wellness, and utilizing nature's elements to impart cellular change and optimization. 


Another key reason I love these oils is Dr. Nick's care in sourcing his ingredients and formulating the blends in a way to make sure you receive an ideal dose, not too much and not too little. Often times, people use way too much of an essential oil, overpowering the body's ability to synthesize and utilize it. A little goes a long way and is actually more powerful! 



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Paleo Valley Supplements and Snacks

Some of my favorite items:

  • Essential C

  • SuperFood Bars

  • Organ Complex

  • Beef Sticks

  • Turmeric Complex

  • Neuro Effect


Sovereign Laboratories

Professional Grade Liposomal Colostrum, the most bioavailable colostrum on the market!

  • Improve gut health

  • Balance microbiome

  • Support leaky gut

  • Supports weight loss and ideal weight

  • Promotes longevity and anti-aging

  • Regulates the immune system

  • Supports skin elasticity and repair

Vibrant Blue Essential Oils

Therapeutic quality essential oils to support body, brain, and emotions. These oils help release trapped emotions that may be impeding your body's full healing and integration. Wonderfully supportive blends to support every system. They smell heavenly and work profoundly.

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My favorite items:

Pique Tea

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Pique Tea Benefits:

  • Supports Intermittent Fasting protocols and Fasting Mimicking Diets

  • Supports gut health and healthy digestion with tea's naturally levels of polyphenols that help feed good bacteria

  • Supports a healthy immune system with a wide array of phytonutrients

  • Supports healthy weight management: helps manage cravings

  • Supports calm energy and focus

Purity Coffee

The most pure of all coffees! Organic and tested for mold and mycotoxins. In addition, it is processed in a way to maintain a rich source of polyphenols and antioxidants. A true super food!

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CellCore BioSciences


Excellent protocols to support mold, parasites, lyme, and detoxification

Professional recommendations needed, so reach out to inquire more if interested.

Standard Process

A unique line of Professional Supplements with a long history. Herbs, whole foods, and their proprietary compounds of protomorphagens and peptides are used to harmonize the endocrine system and bring the body back to balance naturally. 

Professional recommendations needed, so reach out to inquire more if interested. 

Microbiome Labs

Gold-standard supplements and testing to support your gut health and vitality. Researched and on the cutting edge of all thing regarding the microbiome. No other supplement line gets to the heart of GI issues. 

Professional recommendations needed, so reach out to inquire more if interested.