Feeding Your Family

Often times feeding your family well becomes a daunting scenario wrought with disagreements, frustration, and anxiety. You desire to feed your family wholesome foods they all enjoy, however, this usually isn't the case.


As a parent, we have a primal need to nourish our kids, give them the nutrients they need to support their demanding schedules and to do well in school and in sports.


When we, ourselves, have had a demanding day the thought of feeding our family a healthy meal they most often will complain about doesn't sound appealing. Even though we have great intentions, when we are depleted of energy and aren't looking to have another fight at dinner, it's easier to grab take-out or make mac-and-cheese again because we know they will be fed AND happy. However, the guilt sets in the next day. Today is going to be the day you stand behind your resolve to feed your family more nutritious meals. But, what does that mean and how do you do it? 


Your family has a way of pushing your buttons and another day goes by where you didn't want to put up with the whining and the stress dinner can evoke. 


What if someone could come in and put out the fire, make dinner enjoyable and nutritious? Welcome Radically Nourished! I can come in and take the stress off you, the enforcer, the "bad guy". Humans are funny creatures and sometimes they need to hear the message you are trying to send from someone other than their mom or dad. 


But, introducing healthy foods doesn't have to be boring, daunting, un-fun, or a chore. Food, even healthy food, is meant to be enjoyed, savored, and stress-free. Your family should look forward to coming to the table to reconnect at the end of the day. You had enough stress during the day, dinner shouldn't add to it.


I work with your entire family so everyone has a say in what they like and dislike. Often, the reason why there are so many power struggles is that kids are looking to control something in their life. Food happens to be an easy area to control. Kids have the most control over what actually goes in their mouth and the more a child senses someone is "forcing" them to eat something the harder their heals dig into the ground. With me as a mediator, it's easier to diffuse this situation.


After we get the whole family involved we can work as a team to include the whole family in planning, prepping, and cooking meals. If the how-to's of cooking is in need of improvement I can help you there as well with in-home cooking lessons. I can help you to include your kids in the process, making cooking fun. Research shows when kids are involved in the process of cooking they are more likely to try what they made. 


We also work together on how best to reduce the emotions that often accompany meals and to take the stress out. I can reassure you your kids are getting the nutrients they need as well as the important mental and emotional stability they need to maintain a proper relationship with food as they grow up.