Essential Oil Wizardry

Here is an essential oil brand that caught my very particular attention! Let me tell you why:


For one, it's founded by a pharmacologist! Dr. Nick decided to take his traditional pharmacy degree in a holistic direction, similar to what I chose to do with my career. So, not only does he have a distinct knowledge of the human body and it's biological pathways he has a deep connection to spirituality, health, wellness, and utilizing nature's elements to impart cellular change and optimization. 


Another key reason I love these oils is Dr. Nick's care in sourcing his ingredients and formulating the blends in a way to make sure you receive an ideal dose, not too much and not too little. Often times, people use way too much of an essential oil, overpowering the body's ability to synthesize and utilize it. A little goes a long way and is actually more powerful! 



To explore all Essential Oil Wizardry products please click the link below:


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